Joci and Friends - We're Here For Your Best Friends!
One of the driving forces behind Joci and Friends, are the friends. It is the mission of Joci and Friends to promote, encourage, and often, facilitate, self employed and small business.  We operate under the philosophy that it is important to make business personal and keep your money in your local community.
I began as a babysitter who could not be in two places at once. So, I called my friends to help!  My love for all animals great and small also led to getting calls to come take care of pets while their owners were on vacation.  As I got older and my skills and experience increased, I was getting more calls to take care of pets with special needs and added horsemanship to my list of experience.  Elder care and care for adults and kids with special needs were soon added to my list of skills and experience, as well. All the while I was working various other jobs, began a few careers, finished my Bachelors plus some, and just got tired of it all.  Corporate America was not for me!  I am only truly happy when helping other people.  Joci and Friends pretty much created itself. 
I want a world where the Avon lady comes to your door, Walmart goes out of business, people start caring about their neighbors and friends, get together with their kids more often than birthdays and holidays. I want a world for my children where communities are small and everyone knows your mom. Small business is where it's at. Look to your friends for skin care, organizing your home, cleaning your home, maintaining your property and so much more. We offer an array of services here and we add links on Facebook to individuals' direct sales businesses and other small businesses where we either know the owner or have used and been very satisfied with their service or product. 
Remember, when you support small business and "home party" direct sales you are not helping some corporate CEOs buy a third vacation home, you are helping someone feed their family, buy dance lessons, keep a working vehicle and roof over their heads. You are keeping your money in your community.

With all sincerity,
Joci and Friends

Serving Toledo, Ohio; Fort Wayne, Indiana; and Surrounding Areas
We provide services 24 hours a day; 7 days a week; 365 days a year. (Due to the nature of our services some days/times may not be available due to high demand.  Not all services available in all areas, call to see what we provide in your area!  Schedule early to reserve your time slot!)